Monday, 26 October 2009

How to Get to El Nath in Maplestory

This is for all those new players in Maplestory that get up to level 35 and don't know how to get to El Nath to buy their weapons besides going to Ludi. It is also for those who need to or like to do quests or explore in El Nath. This is for those who don't want to waste time and maplestory mesos to go to Ludi and to those who want to go to El Nath.


1.Start at Victioria Island and get to Ellinia. Take the portal to the ship to orbis just below the Mage job advancement place. It will cost you money to board the ship and time.

2.Arrive at orbis, and go left in the portal to escape the ticket place. Next go to the portal directly below here. On the bottom right corner of the map. If you have like 200k to spare then try to buy 2 orbis tower scroll because it saves you a lot of time and maple story mesos. Especially, if you are weak and can't avoid monsters or those (damn) Penguins also known as Jr. Pepes (plural).

3.Go in the portal and then climb down to enter the orbis tower. Inside you have a chance to use a orbis tower scroll to get to the bottom of the tower to El Nath. But, if you don't have it continue to read just for the fun of it.

•You are currently at level 20. Your goal is to get to the 1st floor. Well, traveling down is up to your ability to avoid or fight the sentinels and penguins blah blah blah.

•When you get to the first floor go to the portal and you should be out in the cold snowy hill with deadly penguins( Stupid penguins). Go left until you get to the portal.

•When you enter the portal you are officially in ElNath. The stores are in the market zone. There is also a free Market here for your information.


•You should mostly bring your Fire/Poison Wizzard or Hermit to El Nath because they are are far ranged damage and do best on Ice monsters.

•Try going to Zakum if you are level 50 and over.


•Remember to bring pots with you on your excursion through the tower of El Nath if you are lvl 30 or a mage or something.

•If you are low level don't be stupid to try and enjoy your your view outside the ship to or from orbis to watch the jr Barlogs.

•Remember not to stay too long outside the El Nath air because it will slowly deplete away your hp.

•Watch for your hp!

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