Saturday, 3 October 2009

How to become a spearman in Maplestory

Want to one hit monsters and have awsome skills? then try to become a spearman in maplestory, is fast and great to play with. Here is a guide on how to become a spearman.
So you want to become a spearman? Here are some advantages for being a spearman.

1. Spearman gives large amount of magic points which warriors extremely lack.

2. The spearman favorite weapon, spears and pole arms have a long reach to attack monsters so now you can attack monsters without damaging too much of yourself.

3. Spearman have the strongest attack.

4. The skills for spearman can do many multi hits which results in massive damage.

5. The dragon knight(class after spearman)’ skills are very cool and useful. I mean seriously, with a name called dragon knight, shouldn’t their skills be extremely cool?

• The spears and pole arms are slow.

• The spear and pole arms are two handed, this will means you cannot carry a shield and is going to cost you some defense.

• The range between lowest and greatest damage is very high. So sometimes you can hit 800 and sometimes you can only hit 30.

Now if you are really want to be a spearman, here should be your stat allotting.

First 5 into hp recovery, then max improving max HP increase. Then max slash blast or power strike. Endure is not useful but one point is fine. Iron body is completely useless, just ignore it.

To become a spearman, you have to become a warrior first, when you roll your dice, it is best to have 4 intelligence and 4 luck, 12 strength and 8 dexterity( I think, just try to get the least amount of intelligence and luck, get as high strength as possible with medium dexterity)you need at least 35 strength and level 10. Spend your time leveling in the beginning island, finish all quests and get to level 10. When you get ability points, put 3 points into strength and 2 into dexterity.

Kill snails then blue snails, red snails them orange mushrooms until you are level 10. fly out the island on the airship. Then fly to Perison on the airship, this time is free.

When you get there, talk to chief sitting bull and now you are a warrior.

From level 10 to 20, try killing slimes west or henesys. The slimes are easy to kill, if you run out of hp, jump on one of the haystacks to heal.

From level 20 to 25, I like killing green mushrooms on the top of the slimes, do the same thing with them.

From level 25 to 30, I like kill horned mushroom in the dungeon. It is in the middle of the map, the horned mushrooms are great for killing.

When you reach level 30, talk to sitting bull again, he will ask what do you want to be, choose spearman, he is going to tell you collect some dark marbles(or something else, can’t remember). You have to kill monsters for them, bring health and magic potion. When you collect 30 or them, give them to sitting bull and now you are a spearman!

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